Martin Diaz

Theologian and Communicator specialized in Human Rights and Drug Policy.

Co-Founder & CEO of the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies in Human Rights and Science | Knowmad Institut

Co-author of Discussion paper Cannabis & Sustainable Development | Exploring new consensus for a post-prohibition transition that leaves no one behind.

He has worked with universities, digital media, supra-ecclesial and interreligious organizations, NGOs and intergovernmental agencies at the international level.

Pioneer of Harm Reduction and Risk Management Pastoral Care. He has coordinated and managed multiple studies and research towards a new approach to drug regulation at the international level in places such as Argentina, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Austria, Ireland, Uruguay and Germany. He has also coordinated public and political advocacy projects, training for young leaders in the reform of the current model of drug control based on prohibition and repression.

Direct experience in crisis coverage, work with Faith-Based Organizations, Digital Media and Intergovernmental Agencies in Europe and Latin America, also as organizer of specialized events, workshops, conferences and cultural events around the axes: human rights, sustainable development, drug policies, institutional communication, knowledge management and emerging technologies.