Fruzsina Szép
Festival Director

Fruzsina is the festival director for Lollapalooza Berlin and board member of Yourope, the European Festival Association. She was the program & artistic director of Sziget (HU) and was the funding director of the Hungarian Music Export Office and the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels. She co-founded CEETEP, the Central-Eastern European Talent Exchange Program that is now part of ETEP, the European Talent Exchange Program. She established several national and international cultural projects such as the RegiON Music Conference and the RegiON live! CEE Showcase Club Festival. She co-founded the ‘TAKE A STAND’ movement within the music industry, encouraging social cohesion in our society, promoting awareness and tolerance for all cultures, genders, races, colours and religions. Over 100 festivals and talent agencies joined this initiative. She is a well known panelist on international conferences and a lecturer at universities where she holds classes on art management, creative concept development and festival organisation. 

Fruzsina was born in Budapest (H) in 1978 and grew up in Munich (GER) and started her professional career in the music and entertainment industry at the age of 18. She is an honorary associate professor, a recipient of the French national honour “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” and the European Festival Award for Excellence and Passion. 

Her main goal is to create and to establish festivals with a unique artistic and creative programming, with valuable content around social responsibility and more importantly with a heart & soul to provide a longlasting positive festival experience for the audience.

Foto: Christoph Neumann