How expensive is the re:publica 19 upgrade for a Fachkonferenz ticket?

The upgrade for attending re:publica 19 (Standard Ticket, 3 days) costs € 100, - (€ 84,03 net) and may be added during the ordering process.

Can I attend Fachkonferenzen 2019 with a re:publica 19 ticket?

No, Fachkonferenzen 2019 are a stand-alone special events, for which a special ticket is necessary. Tickets can be purchased here.

Is it possible to attend re:publica with a Fachkonferenzen ticket?

No, however you can upgrade your Fachkonferenzen-Ticket with a re:publica 19 ticket during the ordering process.

Can I share or transfer a ticket?

Share a ticket: Tickets are personalized and cannot be shared by several people.

Transfer a ticket: You may transfer your ticket once to another person using the link in your ticket email. The deadline for this is May 4th, 2019.


How do I transfer my ticket to another person?

It turns out that you can’t make it to re:publica after all and so you would like to transfer or sell your ticket to someone else? Or you want to give a re:publica ticket to someon as a a gift?


Not a problem. Use the link provided in your confirmation e-mail, that was sent to you right after your ticket purchase. Please note that transfers can only be done until May 4th, 2019. If the ticket to be transferred is not a gift, then it is up to you and the new recipient to work out your own payment method.

If you have any further questions, simply send a short e-mail to: ticket at



How can I cancel my ticket and what are the cancellation costs?

Ticket cancellation is only possible for privately held tickets and must be doneuntil May 4th, 2019. Cancellation fees are € 5,95 plus handling fees. As an example, the overall cancellation fees for a Standard Ticket (€ 210,-) are a total of about €12,81. The amount for other tickets may differ. The remaining amount is then automatically returned to the original payment method.

You will find a link to cancel your ticket in your order confirmation that you received after your order. If you can not find that email, please contact the Xing-Events-Team via support at

To save cancellation fees, it is also possible to sell a ticket you already purchased and have the name on the ticket changed accordingly. In that case, check the FAQ “How do I transfer my ticket to another person”?


I’ll be needing a receipt of my ticket purchase.

Our partner, Xing-Events, will automatically issue an invoice upon purchase. Required data will be requested during the ordering process in the step “order data”. If you have any further questions or if you encounter an spelling error, please get in touch via ticket at

Will I be able to attend re:publica 2019 as an educational leave?

Yes! We assume that the #rp19, like it’s predecessors, will again qualify for educational leaves in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Berlin and Hamburg. We published a how-to guide on our website.

We are constantly checking whether we could add more federal states to our list. Unfortunately, since educational leave is a state matter, the procedures and requirements differ considerably from each other



What are the restrictions at the entrance?

▸ Dogs
For the well being of the animal and for safety reasons, dogs and other animals are not allowed.

▸ Bag-check
We will check the bags of our attendees at the entrance. Large bags and suitcases may not be taken into STATIONBerlin and must be stored in our free suitcase wardrobe. Bags that are supposed to be taken inside should not be larger than a “laptop” backpack.

▸ Glass bottles
Large glass bottles may not be taken into the venue.

▸ Pyrotechnics, Weapons
Pyrotechnics and Weapons are not allowed.

Questions? Problems? We are happy to help you via ticket at