Events re:loaded – Festivalisation of Events

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The symposium "events re:loaded - festivalisation of events" will be held on the topic of digitisation in the event industry. It covers subjects such as artificial intelligence and data protection as well as aspects of sustainability and classifies the megatrend festivalisation. The symposium, which is held in German, will be co-organised by the trade journal tw tagungswirtschaft of the dfv Mediengruppe.

Events re:loaded - re:publica symposium on 7 May 2019 at Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin




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With the digitisation of our (working) life, the desire for real-time encounters increases. No matter if companies or associations, universities or foundations: Each and every one of them organizes events. More and more so. The German congress and conference market alone has an annual turnover of 86 billion euros - with an upward trend. Just like their participants, formats of events are constantly changing. At the symposium, various trends and developments will be highlighted:

Festivalisation and community building

Organisers are increasingly abandoning existing conventions and rigid concepts. They rely on a relaxed atmosphere and open exchange and gathe inspiration from festivals. Festivalisation - how do events inspire visitors? Community building in the digital world - how does it work?


Events influence our environment in various ways. Sustainability in all its three dimensions - ecological, economic and social - must be integrated into the planning from the outset. We will shed light on why and how in the "Impulsvortrag: Nachhaltigkeit - ökologischisch, ökonomisch" (Keynote lecture: Sustainability - ecological, economical), as well as in Best Practice examples for #Mobility, #Sustainability, #Technology and the Reality Check on sustainable events.

Artificial intelligence and data protection

Organizers bear the responsibility for the data of their participants, don't they? So what happens when our data becomes intelligent - and does what they want? The keynote lectures on "Event Tech und Künstliche Intelligenz" ("Event Tech and Artificial Intelligence") as well as "Datenschutz und DSGVO - ein Jahr später" ("Data Protection and DSGVO - One Year Later") show both sides of the coin and will be discussed in the panel: "Events und Künstliche Intelligenz - Spielverderber Datenschutz?" ("Events and Artificial Intelligence - Spoilsport Data Protection?").

Tomorrow's participants will have the final say. We will lend an ear to the future, to a girl and a boy coming from the social conference TINCON, the festival for digital youth culture: "Was immer ihr diskutiert, so denken wir: die Generation Z" (Whatever you are discussing, this is what we think: the generation Z).